I’m not dead. I’m only (terribly) busy! :-(

Hi techo girls and boys!
I know…I know.
It’s more than one year that I don’t publish new posts on Garretlabs.
The fact is tied to new engagements: on the work (yes, I have a work which is very important to me and I want do the best on it…), in the frame of my family.
And I have also (of course) new musical projects,as composer and musician (please,check out my italian music site, and dowload for free all my compositions: http://www.marcolastri.net) but also as project engineer  and producer of noise machines and analog and digital synthesizers.
For example, for the friend Stefano Muscas of great band “Correlazione quantistica” (please, visit the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/correlazionequantistica) I designed an produced a very interesting noise machine based on Arduino, called ALGOnoise.


I took the idea from here: http://little-scale.blogspot.it/2008/01/arduino-noise-maker-info.html but I added some modification (a repetition function, an output amplifier and some funny values changes on the resistors). I will publish very soon the result on Garretlabs (I hope)!
Here you can see a live concert of Correlazione Quantistica with Stefano playing ALGOnoise (yes, it’s the yellow box 🙂 ):




I’m very honoured of this collaboration!
After this I produced a modified version (the modification are: all controllers are panel mounted, the on-off button can be bypassed by a switch pedal, double resonance potentiometer and an adapter for the use with a power supplier) of the well known SparkPunk by Sparkfun. I did it for my friend Alessandro “Mazza”, the singer of the historical italian demential-metal band Tossic (http://www.tossic.it/home.html).
Here you can see the naked machine called “Mazzulator”:


I’m very excited to work with Alessandro, since I love his band from ever. I was 14 when I encountered for the first time the politically uncorrect world of heavy metal, and the first disc I listened was “Il Regno del Cingliale” of a strange and demential band called Tossic: one of the first italian heavy metal bands. Now I am 40, an d I love Tossic as the first day. 😉

Well… after this I produced some other music/noise machines, especially guitar effects pedals For example, I built an echo/delay and a chorus pedals for my friend and guitar player Fabiano Vezzosi, and I modified a model of the well known pedal “Metal Zone” (by Boss) in order to transform this pedal in a great fuzz effect. It kicks asses now! 😉

I also modified a great number of other guitar pedals of many friends…But in the meantime I produced also some other interesting things: for example new versions of old (diy) synthesizers. :-O

…But it is another story: keep in touch to discover this “dark side of Garretlabs”. 🙂


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