My experience with!

Goooood morning Internet (of things sure, but overall of human beings and nerd people)!

This time I would like to talk briefly about the very good experience that I had using the PCBWay ( online service for my PCB production.

All started when I decided, some years ago, to start producing on myself the PCBs for some of my projects . But I don’t like home-made results, so I looked for a great time for a very professional online service, with low prices and great quality. Mhhhh….difficult task! 😉

After a long discussion, a work colleague (the Brain of the well known italian site recommended to try the service, because, he said, “the price of PCBWay is the best on the Internet”.

So…I tried it with a free online quotation…and I saw he was right (and I was sure of this). 🙂

No problem, I had at that time a project waiting to be produced so, I tried PCBWay. And I was super-satisfied. No joke boys (and girls).

This company works very well, with very small prices and great quality of produced PCBs.

The site has a very simple interface and the files used by PCBWay for production are the standard Gerber and Excellon files produced by Eagle, Kicad etc.

Well, the production time is very (very) short, 3-4 days …and the delivery time from PCB Way to my house (as you know I’m from Italy) is shorter than a standard packet from my city to another italian city using (express) Italian Postal Service (Paccocelere Poste Italiane). 🙂

….Obviously, since they use DHL as express courier… all it’s guaranteed. 😉

You can see here some of PCBs produced for me by PCBWay (sorry for the not so good quality of photos). All boards that I produced are on 2 layers, and I used  various colors. All produced boards have been excellent!




I’m very satisfied with this company, so I recommend it to all you my dear geeks!

Bye bye…. and…in the next days I will publish a surprise, so keep in touch! 😉


2 thoughts on “My experience with!

    • Good morning dear Joe!
      The synthesizer is a Rockit monophonic hybrid synth, a great open source project by a guy called Matt.
      You can find all the info (manual, code, PCB project, schematics, BOM etc) in
      I started studying the synthesizers starting from this synth because I heard some demo on youtube and I loved it!
      At the moment the PCB in the picture is not so clean: I built all components, but after I modified with solded wires the project… in particular I’m still working on an overclock modification (which implies also code modifications), I added a protection diode end some other little thing.
      I’m still playing with it (and I play it in my music projects: see
      Keep in touch!

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