Who’s ML

Marco Lastri (ML) it’s me. And this is my portrait:

2014-02-24 07.45.14

I’m a system-software engineer with some great interests: music (I play synthesizers and I create musis under CCL license, please check my official music site -in italian- and download what you want! ), cinema (italian B-movies of the ’70s), and obviously open source hardware and software. I have a great experience in software solutions (I have more or less 25 years of “active” computer science, if you understand what I mean….), and a less great experience in hardware solutions… but a great motivation can be a good starting point, isn’t? 😉

I created this blog (in collaboration with the SirsLAB of Università di Siena and with SirsLAB official blog  ,thanks to professors Domenico Prattichizzo and Monica Malvezzi),  to share with the internet (and with the LAB, obviously) my experiences and my ideas on embedded boards such as Arduino, Intel Galileo, Raspberry PI and so on.

Sometimes these ideas are tied to wearable musical devices, sometimes not….But I hope you will find interesting all my sketches of ideas.

All the best, ML

PS: …why Garret Labs? Because my lab at the moment is in my garret! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Who’s ML

  1. Interessante idea. Complimenti al grande ML che non ha perso la curiosità di sperimentare e la generosità di condividere.

    • Grazie mille Cobra.
      Credo che molto di quello che faccio oggi su questo blog (e nella vita) sia dovuto sopratutto ai miei maestri. E tu sei uno di quelli.

      Many thanks Cobra.
      I think that what I do today on this blog (and in my life) is due to my mentors. And you are one of these.

  2. Thank you for your script (SMS messages).
    A question, you can detail me “if (message.find (” poweron “) -1tput (18 GPIO.HIGH)” especially if -1tput.
    I can not get it to work.

    • Hi Valenfa!
      THank for you comment. I dindn’t find the piece of code in my posts.
      I think there some encoding problem of the webpage… or a typo error in my code.
      Anyway, it seems that the string “: GPIO.ou” is missing…so the correct code is:
      if (message.find(“poweron”)-1): GPIO.output(18, GPIO.HIGH)

      Please, next time can you add your comments to the post on which you refer?
      Thank you again!

  3. Hi there. I am looking into one project where I can see that you can be reaaaly helpful. I am trying to make automated insect trap to monitor number of insects in orchards. It should look something like this (commercial expencive version):

    automated http://www.trapview.com/assets/img/header/main.jpg

    So I need this device (RPi with gprs connection and camera) to turn on once a day, take a photo and sent to server. It is suppose to work from March to September. So now I am having dilema should I use RPi A+ since it has lower consumption or B+, to use GPRS module or USB dongle…Also in terms of power, ”stronger” solar panel that could power it whole day without shuting down, or ”weaker” but with timer as a power switch…
    Sorry for long post… Hope you will find sometime for this question…
    All the best,

    • Hmmmm…very interesting questions dear mladencucak.
      And thank you for sharing your ideas with us!
      I have some idea but I need to verify some data.
      But in the next days I will try to answer to your questions here, so…keep in touch with GL!

  4. hi Marco Lastri,
    Im try to configure the sms remote control relay in your post https://garretlabs.wordpress.com/2014/05/21/raspberry-pi-a-remote-controlled-relay-using-sms-messages/
    when I run the script it says that the line ‘if(message.find(“poweron”)-1erONRelay(); ‘ is an invalid token. I was to control the Sim900 with the raspberry pi and eventually take in touch sensors. can you maybe tell me where i am going wrong?

    Thank You
    M-F MC

  5. Ciao Marco,
    Sto prvando a fare il tuo progetto della DrumMachine ma ho dei problemi. Ho scaricato il programma che dici te, ma quando vado a caricarlo sul mio Arduino Uno da degli errori. Qualche consiglio??


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