Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!!

And now… (for the swecond time in the Garretlabs history, after a post about a problem on Raspberry B and NOOBS!) for something completely different! 🙂
I want to repeat the famous Monty Phyton refrain because this post isn’t a technical post, but a celebrative and a little (self) historical post. 🙂

All started approx. 30 years ago.

I started coding on my first computer (one beautiful Commodore 16), and in the meantime one movie entered the History (with the initial capital letter) by the main door.

The movie was “Ghostbusters” by Ivan Reitman, with a super-cast coming from the Saturday Night Live (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroid and Harold Ramis)…. but I loved also Rick Moranis and the mighty Sigourney “Alien” Weaver.

And I well remember (I was 9 -10, but I had always good memory) at the same time the fear and the humour of the movie. At that time it was a fabolous trip for me: the music, the special effects, the lightweight script, the ghosts….the videogame for the Commodore 64!
I think I bought (read: my father bought) the Commodore 64 only in order to play the mighty Ghostbusters videogame from Activision…in which there was the first “sampled voice” I never heard. Do you remember? Clicking the space bar one 8-bits electronic and destorted voice said “Ghostbusters!”…wow!!!! 😀


In the meantime I learned programming in BASIC and in ASM for the famous 6510 in order to create my first videogames…. So, when someone (especially if he/she is a “non technical person”, a sort of “Techno-Muggle” to say it in Harry Potter style!) today says to me  that my experience on software started only with my first “official work” (approx. 15 years ago), well, I get pissed off as a boar (you are advised ;- ) ).

Returning to Ghostbusters…yes, I love very much this movie (and the videogame, of course)…and I’ve seen it again (…and again and again and again! 😉 ) across thirty years.
I think in the next days I will buy the new edition on double vinyl of the soundtrack (also if I know it note by note 😉 ).
But, for the moment, as you see from the photo, today the Ghostbusters (yes, me and Monica are also LEGO VIP collectors…now you know it! 😉 ) are here in my garret in order to help me to debug some “ghost” problem.

THe LEGO Ghostbusters arrived in Garretlabs!!!

THe LEGO Ghostbusters arrived in Garretlabs!!!

Have you never encountered signal overshoot or undershoot problems, tied to the stabilization of addresses or data in memories? No? You are very lucky, man.
You have an “unimplemented error code” trap in your software and, when the debugger blocks the execution, all values (addresses and data) are correct. ARGHHHHHH!!! 😦
I have often encountered these “ghost problems” (they are really bad… they are the real “poltergeists” of the microelectronics! 😉 ), at work but also in my garret adventures.
So, after thirty years the “chorus” is always the same, when from the sky is raining shit: “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!”


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